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Island of Sisters: Let's Talk About Ferdinand (Orphan Black's Final Trip Episodes 1 & 2- "The Few Who Dare" and "Clutch of Greed")

Rachel has internalized the greed for ultimate power and control over others as the only way to find purpose in her identity as a clone, and is therefore a shell built by patriarchy, and as fragile as one. (A nautilus, if you will. Points if you get the reference). Ferdinand claims to love Rachel, but what he loves is the violence of their relationship, the power play that makes both of them feel stronger. 

Ferdinand wants, needs, the power and dominance. He gets angry. And the person who is in front of him when his anger erupts is MK. She shares a face with Rachel. That is enough.

What's Happening on The 100 Right Now, As Interpreted From Trailers By a Salty Lesbian

Clarke, why do you even try anymore. Everyone hates everyone and Lexa is dead. Go be Wanheda kom Trikru and save your dignity. Also I'm pretty sure nightblood makes people immune to radiation which is how the survivors of the first nuclear apocalypse endured in the first place, and since you had nearly all of Ontari's blood pumped into you (and let's be real, you were fluid bonded with Lexa), you're good. Ditch these losers.

2016 Favorites

We all know how much hate 2016 has gotten, with good reason. This year was a total shit show globally, but we can't just blame the year. Because 2016 did not come out of the blue; the forces that coalesced resulting in the US election, the war in Syria and the migration crisis, continued arguments (really? still?) about climate change, ongoing systemic racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobias, all the phobias, etc. were at play long before they came to a head this year. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on any major global events (or local events for that matter) but it seems pretty clear that we've been hurtling toward global destruction and chaos for a good while and 2016 was just one more step on that journey.

However, I refuse to be defeatist all the time (most of the time, maybe, but not all the time), so here are some things that I personally loved about 2016. Some are serious and important, some are more frivolous. For your reading pleasure!